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Men's Work Workbook Set
Item: 0855
Set of 3 workbooks, 32 pp. each.


Growing Up Male Identifying Violence in My Life
Item: 5533
Taking a Stand Against Violence The Men's Work Workbook#1
Workbook, 32 pages


Young Men's Work Teen Workbook
Item: 1749
Stopping Violence and Building Community
Teen Workbook, exercises 1-38


Men's Work Facilitator's Guide
Item: 5536
A Complete Counseling Plan for Breaking the Cycle of Male Violence
Facilitator's Guide, 96 pages


Stop Hurting the Woman You Love
Item: 2608
Breaking the Cycle of Abusive Behavior
Softcover, 224 pp.


Beyond Anger DVD
Item: 2629
Connecting With Self and Others
4 Part, DVD, 50 min. cc


Beyond Anger and From the Inside Out Both Curricula with DVDs
Item: 0460
The Hazelden Life Skills Series for Inmates and Parolees
Complete Curriculum include 4 DVD's, 2 Facilitators Guides, 2 Sets of Reproducible Handouts and Worksheets


Men's Work DVD
Item: 7439
How to Stop the Violence That Tears Our Lives Apart
DVD, 50 min., cc


Young Men's Work DVD
Item: 7473
Stopping Violence and Building Community DVD
DVD, 27 min., cc


A Man's Way through the Twelve Steps
Item: 4734

Softcover, 200 pp.

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