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Living In Balance Core Curriculum Sessions 1 through 12
Moving from a Life of Addiction to a Life of Recovery
Living In Balance Implementation Package
Item: 2456
Author: Jeffrey A. Hoffman, Ph.D.
Author: Mim J. Landry
Author: Barry D. Caudill, Ph.D.

Research based and designed for maximum customization, the Living in Balance program provides a comprehensive, group-oriented treatment framework for outpatient and residential settings.
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Research-based and designed for maximum customization, the Living in Balance program provides a comprehensive, group-oriented treatment framework for use in outpatient, short-term, or long-term residential settings:

  • emphasizes group process and interaction (discussion, role plays)
  • uses a bio-psychosocial approach to strengthening neglected areas of an addict's life
  • allows clients to enter the program at any point in the cycle of sessions
  • features session-specific guidance and strategies for clinicians
  • teaches clients to use relaxation and visualization techniques
  • associated with a successful outcome study

12 Core Client Sessions
Use the 12 principal Living in Balance sessions to build the foundation for your treatment program. These sessions provide basic information about addiction and recovery, which clients explore using session-specific reproducible worksheets. The 12 core session topics are:
Session 1 Definitions, Terms, and Self-Diagnosis
Session 2 Drug Education
Session 3 What Are Triggers?
Session 4 Planning for Sobriety
Session 5 Alcohol and Tobacco
Session 6 Spirituality
Session 7 Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol
Session 8 Stress
Session 9 Skills for Stress
Session 10 Negative Emotions
Session 11 Anger and Communication
Session 12 Relapse Prevention

In addition to the 12 core sessions contained in this package, Living in Balance offers 21 additional sessions give you the greatest opportunity to customize your Living in Balance curriculum. For more information on sessions 13-33, click here.

Facilitator's Guide
Designed to help you deliver the Living in Balance treatment program to multiple clients at the same time, the facilitator's guide provides you with both the philosophical context for the curriculum and the practical, session-specific information you need to lead and assist clients in the recovery process. Also available separately so each counselor can have their office copy.

Contains clinical studies, session handouts and roll plays.

Relaxation and Guided Imagery Audio
This recording features soothing narration and music to help clients release tension, breath deeply, and relax fully.

Hazelden offers training on all of our evidence-based programs to ensure that you achieve the outcomes you expect. Click here to find out more.

Available separately. Spanish translations of client handouts and work sheets (order item #2476).

Living In Balance Treatment Curriculum research and outcomes files are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format and require that Adobe Acrobat Reader be installed on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, Click Here for download and installation instructions.


Item: 2456
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2003
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