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Amazing Alternatives Curriculum 2nd Edition Project Northland
A Seventh Grade Alcohol-Use Prevention Curriculum
Manual, CD-ROM, Audio CD, 2 Posters 22 x 34
Item: 2827
Author: Cheryl L. Perry, Ph.D.
Author: Carolyn L. Williams, Ph.D.

Amazing Alternatives, part of the Project Northland series, is a state-of-the-art alcohol-use prevention curriculum that reduces the social acceptability of alcohol use and encourages alcohol-free options among students in seventh grade.
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Project Northland Works
Now Better Than Ever

Alcohol is the drug most widely used by teens. Studies show that many teens begin drinking before age thirteen. This early alcohol use is associated with health and social problems, including alcohol abuse and dependence, alcohol-related violence and injuries, issues related to drinking and driving, truancy, risky sexual behavior, and other drug use throughout adolescence and into adulthood.

Hazelden's Project Northland series for middle school and high school students is a state-of-the-art alcohol-use prevention program backed by more than eighteen years of research and more than forty-five scientific publications. Students participating in Project Northland showed a 30 percent reduction in weekly drinking and a 20 percent reduction in monthly drinking. Research also shows that Project Northland can significantly reduce teen marijuana and tobacco use.

Delivering Project Northland is now easier than ever before. The second edition is completely redesigned to be more portable and user-friendly, and it includes helpful new resources to

  • reflect greater diversity
  • present realistic situations facing today's youth
  • maintain fidelity to the original version and its powerful prevention messages
Amazing Alternatives
The second of the Project Northland curricula,Amazing Alternatives focuses on reducing the social acceptability of alcohol use, encouraging alcohol-free alternatives, and teaching students to identify and resist influences to drink. Complete with activities that involve peer leaders, new parent materials, and an updated audio drama, Amazing Alternatives is an engaging, interactive program that has been proven effective in delaying the onset of alcohol use among young people.

Read the introduction and chapter one of: Amazing Alternatives. This file is in PDF format.

Project Northland includes

  • Program Guide: For Effective Alcohol-Use Prevention in Schools and Communities
  • Slick Tracy: A Sixth-Grade Alcohol-Use Prevention Curriculum
  • Amazing Alternatives: A Seventh-Grade Alcohol-Use Prevention Curriculum
  • Power Lines: An Eighth-Grade Alcohol-Use Prevention Curriculum
  • Class Action: A High School Alcohol-Use Prevention Curriculum
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Item: 2827
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 1998
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List Price: $210.00   Each