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A New Day A New Life Journal and DVD
A Guided Journal
Softcover Journal, 432 pp., and DVD, 25 min., cc.
Item: 0636
Author: William Cope Moyers
Author: Jodie Carter

A steadfast companion for those facing the challenges and joys of early recovery. DVD features best-selling author William Cope Moyers and a diverse group of people in recovery.
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"Simply put, I love A New Day, A New Life. It's one of the most exciting new resources I've seen. If I had a wish, it would be to put this in the hands of all newly recovering alcoholics, addicts, and families." --Debra Jay, coauthor of Love First

"A winning combination: The journal takes us through the many steps and opportunities presented by our Higher Power in early recovery. The video features superbly told accounts of the difficulties of addiction and the joy that can be realized with the support of meetings and sponsors. William Cope Moyers's personal story is spellbinding. Everyone who walks the path he and others in the video share are living miracles." --Karen Casey, Ph.D., author of Each Day a New Beginning.

Read through chapter one of A New Day, A New Life. This file is in PDF format.

Grounded in both addiction science and Twelve Step spirituality, A New Day, A New Life--a guided journal and video--is designed to serve as a steadfast companion for those facing the challenges and joys of early recovery.

The video features an intimate, candid discussion between best-selling author and recovery advocate William Cope Moyers and a diverse group of people in recovery. By sharing their personal experiences, they give people who are newly sober a breadth of knowledge about what it takes to stay on track.

The journal--consisting of daily inspirational and educational messages, meditations, prayers, and affirmations, as well as space for writing thoughts and feelings--helps readers connect the knowledge that they have drawn from the video to their own experiences with addiction and sobriety.

Listen to William Cope Moyers discuss A New Day, A New Life on Minnesota Public Radio's Midmorning. Originally aired on August 8, 2008.

The Executive Director for the Center for Public Advocacy at Hazelden Foundation, William Cope Moyers is the author of Broken: My Story of Addiction and Redemption. Jodie Carter is a writer, editor, and video producer who covers the science of addiction and recovery.

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Item: 0636
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2008
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