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Yesterday's Tomorrow
Recovery Meditations for Hard Cases
Paperback, 384 pp.
Item: 5262
Author: Barry Longyear


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A daily meditation book written by and for "hard cases."
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At last, a meditation book that shows why and, more importantly, how recovery works written in no-nonsense language by a "hard case" who's been there -- and been there, and been there.

Barry L. has been clean and sober for more than 27 years, but there was a time before he finally went through detox, and treatment when sobriety seem an impossibility. Now he's written a meditation book especially for "hard cases" like himself; those who struggle with the spiritual side of the program and have had a hard time staying sober. Here is blunt, bare-knuckle writing that tells it like it is.

Know a few hard cases who just don't seem to get the program? They'll benefit from this book.


Item: 5262
ISBN-13: 9781568381602
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 1997

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