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Relationship Building DVD
Achieving Intimacy
DVD, 33 min.
Item: 2563
Author: Claudia Black, Ph.D.
Author: Terence T. Gorski

In this DVD, addiction experts Dr. Claudia Black and Terence Gorski explain to viewers what constitutes a normal relationship and what steps are involved in building one.
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Product Details

Dr. Claudia Black and Terry Gorski explain to the viewer what constitutes a normal relationship and what steps are involved in the building of one.

In Achieving Intimacy they use the analogy of constructing a house as a way of explaining how to create a healthy relationship. The foundation consists of the 3 C's -- Communication, Caring and Commitment. The levels (floors) of relationships are -- Casual Contact, Companionship, Friendship, Romantic Love and Committed Love.

Aspects of a healthy relationship are examined -- unconditional love? -- forever and ever?? and resources are examined and explained. You can have a healthy relationship.

This is part of the Addictive Relationships video series.


Item: 2563
Publisher: Mac Publishing
Published Year: 1989
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List Price: $129.95   Each