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Reclaim Your Family from Addiction Collection
How Couples Recover Love and Meaning & How Families Recover Love and Meaning
Package, includes 1 Book, 2 Facilitator's Guides, 10 Workbooks
Item: 0679
Author: Craig Nakken

An incomparable resource for seeing couples and families through the process of recovery. Facilitator's guide and workbooks based on Craig Nakken's book, Reclaim Your Family from Addiction.
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Product Details

The Reclaim Your Family from Addiction Package includes:

Reclaim Your Family from Addiction Book - How Couples and Families Recover Love and Meaning (1)

Professionals will find this book a helpful adjunct to family therapy. The author clearly describes how addiction breaks down family relationships and how those relationships can be restored.

-Describes how basic human drives for power, pleasure, and meaning affect couples and families and those affected by addiction.

-Offers guidance to help couples rebuild their individual lives as well as their perception of themselves as a couple.

-Reinforces recovery, both individually and as a couple.

-Histories, personal accounts, persuasive narratives, and research all help readers chart their own way through the hell of addiction back to family recovery by using principles that can serve to restore the original "we" of loving relationships.

-Provides a step-by-step plan to help rediscover meaning and a new sense of themselves as a couple in the process of rebuilding their individual lives.

Reclaim Your Family from Addiction - Facilitator's Guides (2) and Workbooks (10)

The workbooks, one for couples and one for families, provide instruction, narrative, and guided exercises on how to apply the principles in Craig Nakken's book. A clear, easy-to-follow program for writing and discussing a broad range of issues shows couples and families how to work together toward recovery.

The facilitator's guides, which duplicate the contents of the workbooks, include sidebars with a wealth of notes advising professionals how best to use the workbooks, guide couples through the workbooks, and provide support as families grapple with the principles found in the exercises.

This curriculum is an incomparable resource for seeing families through the process of recovery.


Item: 0679
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2000
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List Price: $125.00   Each