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Addiction in the Family DVD
DVD 28 min.
Item: 4891
Author: Claudia Black, Ph.D.

This DVD featuring Dr. Claudia Black is power-packed with valuable information for family members who need to be involved in a loved one's recovery process.
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Product Details

With the major changes that have occurred in the delivery of addictions treatment the availability of family programming has lessened, or become non-existent.

Dr. Black says:
"I believe that any experienced professional who has worked in the chemical dependency field would agree just how important it is for family members to experience recovery. Not only is the family deserving of recovery but their recovery has a direct impact on the ongoing recovery of the addicted person. With respect to financial and personal limitations, you will find this new video an important tool that will allow you, in one or two sessions, to focus on primary treatment issues with family members, individually or in groups."

In this video Claudia presents three particular areas that greatly impact the family:
POWERLESSNESS, recognizing that they are powerless over the disease;
UNMANAGEABILITY, that their lives have become unmanageable as a result of the addiction and their codependency; and
TOUGH LOVE, to recognize their enabling and to commit to non-enabling behaviors.

If you deal with addictions and you believe that the family must be involved in the recovery process - then this video is made for your use.


Item: 4891
Publisher: Mac Publishing
Published Year: 1998
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