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Living In Balance Meditations Book
90 Meditations for Recovery from Addiction
Softcover, 128 pp.
Item: 4757
Author: Jeffrey A. Hoffman, Ph.D.

Research based and designed for maximum customization, the Living in Balance program provides a comprehensive, group-oriented treatment framework for outpatient and residential settings.
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"Chinese sage Lao Tzu said every journey begins 'with a single step.' Recovery begins in the same way. Thankfully, Dr. Jeff Hoffman has penned a simple and elegant volume of meditations to accompany you along the way."

--Scott D. Miller, Ph.D., Director of the International Center for Excellence

Research shows mindful relaxation, or progressive relaxation, is effective in preventing relapse and helping patients achieve balance in mind, body, and spirit. Living in Balance: 90 Meditations for Recovery from Addiction integrates meditation as a complement to Hazelden's evidence-based Living in Balance curriculum. The first three months of recovery are a critical time when people need to learn good habits to replace old drug-using ones. This unique book recommends and guides readers through ninety meditations--one for each day of the first three months--to help prepare readers for recovery, gain practical insights, and make important changes in life.

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Item: 4757
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2011
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