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Building Trust DVD
The Real Life Parenting Skills Program
DVD, 15 min, cc
Item: 7434

Trust is the foundation of a supportive family life. Cliets in recovery learn what it takes to earn the trust of family members.
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Product Details

Reassuming parental responsibility once we achieve sobriety presents a dramatic change that our children may not welcome and we may be ill-equipped to handle. The information in this multi-format program helps those of us who are parents recovering from substance abuse:

  • understand what limits are and how to set them jointly with our children
  • learn how to establish consequences, and determine when and how to enforce them
  • define our own personal limits and be good role models for our children
  • use family meetings and contracts

Handling Anger is one of three DVDs within The Real Life Parenting Skills Program.


Item: 7434
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 1995
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List Price: $99.00   Each