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Food for Thought
Daily Meditations for Overeaters
Softcover, 400 pp.
Item: 1074
Author: Elisabeth L.


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Food for Thought offers wise and comforting words for compulsive overeaters who seek to understand the role of food in their lives. Each day's reading in the best-selling classic--the first Hazelden meditation book to address the needs of overeaters--supports a life of physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.

Read daily by millions, Hazelden meditation books have set the standard for quality and popularity. Like all the Hazelden meditation favorites, Food for Thought provides enduring wisdom, reassurance, and strength.

Elisabeth L. is the author of Twelve Steps for Overeaters and several other popular Hazelden titles addressing the issues of recovery from eating disorders.


Item: 1074
ISBN-13: 9780894860904
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 1980
Meditations help readers take a moment out of each day to gain a healthy perspective about how they are relating to food.
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