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A Place Called Self Book and Workbook
Softcover book, 208 pp., Workbook, 128 pp.
Item: 2681
Author: Stephanie Brown, Ph.D.

For many women, newfound sobriety -- with its hard-won joys and accomplishments -- is often a lonely and unsatisfying experience. With this book and companion workbook, pioneering therapist Stephanie Brown, Ph.D., helps readers understand that leaving behind the numbing comfort of alcohol or other drugs means you must face yourself, perhaps for the first time.
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As pioneering therapist Stephanie Brown reveals in A Place Called Self, one of the greatest gifts and biggest challenges for women in recovery is discovering the real, true you. The process of becoming addicted requires women to shut down, turn off, and block out much of their true selves. Here, in her breakthrough book and companion workbook, Brown offers personal stories, revealing questions, and instructive insights to gently guide women in recovery further along the journey of self-discovery.


Item: 2681
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2004
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