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Overeaters Journal
Exercises for the Heart, Mind, and Soul.
Softcover, 152 pp.
Item: 2036
Author: Debbie Danowski, Ph.D.

During her six-week stay in a treatment center for food addiction, author Debbie Danowski was required to keep a journal, a task she credits with saving her life. Danowski brings her special insight and life-guiding exercises to the Overeater's Journal.
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As a 328-pound woman, Debbie Danowski was on her way to an early death when she entered a treatment center for food addiction 14 years ago. During the six-week stay, she was required to keep a daily journal, a task that she now credits with helping to save her life. The act of writing forced Danowski to uncover thought and feelings she had kept hidden. It was the key to unlocking her lifelong food obsession. Now Danowski brings her special insight and writing expertise to The Overeaters Journal with journaling exercises that explore the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of food obsession.


Item: 2036
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2004


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