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Complete Lifelines Trilogy
Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Programs
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Hazelden Lifelines® is a comprehensive suicide-awareness and responsiveness program for teens in middle and high school. This school-wide program is made up of three tools:
  • Hazelden Lifelines®: A Suicide Prevention Program educates administrators, faculty and staff, parents, and students on the facts about suicide and their respective roles as suicide "preventers". The primary objective of the program is to help everyone in the school community recognize when a student is at potential risk of suicide, and understand how and where to access help.
    2759 / $235.95 Facilitator's guide, CD-ROM, two DVDs

  • Hazelden Lifelines® Intervention: Helping Students at Risk for Suicide provides information on how to be prepared to address and respond to threats or signs of suicide and intervene and provides clear guidance on how best to involve parents and guardians as partners. The program explains how gather collateral information about a student's risk for suicide and address topics including the challenges presented by bullied students, members of sexual minorities, and students in gifted special education classes.
    3843 / $159.95 Facilitator's guide, CD-ROM, DVD

  • Hazelden Lifelines® Postvention: Responding to Suicide and Other Traumatic Death is a best-practices manual specifically designed for middle and high school communities that educates everyone in the school community on how to successfully address and respond to not only suicide, but any type of traumatic death that profoundly affects the school population.
    2873 / $119.95 Facilitator's guide and CD-ROM

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 Also available as an on demand curricula.


Item: 4179
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2011

This unique trilogy of programs for middle and high school students addresses the important topic of youth suicide: from prevention to intervention to responding.

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