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eBook Relieve Stress
20 Quick Techniques
Item: EB7698
Author: Katrin Schubert


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Stress is a normal part of life. Work pressures, family expectations, and even recreational activities can become demanding. Activities to help prevent stress, such as meditation, yoga, or exercise, are beneficial but might be difficult to incorporate into a busy day.

In this quick guide, you will learn twenty easy techniques, including acupressure, breathing exercises, and guided imagery, to relieve stress in five minutes or less. Illustrations will show you how to apply specific science-based techniques in common stressful situations and how to effectively use these techniques in your daily life.

Katrin Schubert, MD, has been a practitioner of natural medicine, employing holistic modalities for more than twenty years.


Item: EB7698
ISBN-13: 9781616496401
Publisher: Hazelden
Published Year: 2016

This quick guide, you will learn twenty easy techniques, to help you control your stresses in five minutes or less.

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