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Sex in Recovery
Sex in Recovery
Help for the Hard Times
Help for the Hard Times
The Grief Club
The Grief Club
Recovering My Kid
Recovering My Kid
When Reality Bites
When Reality Bites
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eBook Dying to Be Free <br/>Authors Beverly Cobain and Jean Larch break through suicide's silent stigma in <I>Dying to Be Free</I>, offering gentle advice for those left behind, so that healing can begin.

eBook Dying to Be Free
A Healing Guide for Families after a Suicide
Author: Beverly Cobain, Jean Larch
Item: EB7386
144 pp.
eBook When Reality Bites Learn how to use denial to help you when you are facing tragedy and how to recognize and move past denial when it becomes counterproductive. Through a fresh and comforting perspective, Parker takes the shame out of denial with practical and relatable solutions to uncovering, reframing, and harnessing this very normal coping technique. Hands-on exercises and compelling personal stories help you apply this information to your situation and come to accept your need for denial when it helps and break through it to face life's challenges with courage when it hurts.
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eBook When Reality Bites
How Denial Helps and What to Do When it Hurts
Author: Dr. Holly Parker
Item: EB2102

eBook What Went Right Learn to change the self-critical stories in your mind and reframe your perception to gain the self-confidence needed to build a more fulfilling relationship, career, and social life. Through practical, easy-to-understand principles and techniques as well as real-life examples, What Went Right teaches you to recognize and intervene on self-defeating thought processes. Through these exercises, you will learn how your thoughts drive feelings that influence your behaviors. By changing your thinking, you can unlock self-affirming feelings and actions needed to become the person you want to be and find happiness now and in the future.

eBook What Went Right
Reframe Your Thinking for a Happier Now
Author: Michael Wetter, PsyD, Eileen Bailey
Item: EB9610

eBook Unwelcome Inheritance Parents affected by addiction can enable their children's substance abuse and even model addictive behaviors learned from their own parents, passing the cycle on from generation to generation. Learn what you can do to help yourself, your children, and future generations break the cycle of addiction and addictive behaviors.

eBook Unwelcome Inheritance
Break Your Family's Cycle of Addictive Behaviors
Author: Lisa Sue Woititz
Item: EB4258

eBook Movers Dreamers and Risk Takers <br/>Learn to tap the skills and talents unique to those with ADHD. Helps readers appreciate how the perceptual, interpersonal, and cognitive differences of ADHD like these can be translated into unique skills and talents.

eBook Movers Dreamers and Risk Takers
Unlocking the Power of ADHD
Author: Kevin Roberts
Item: EB4208
250 pp.
eBook When Dating Becomes Dangerous <br/>In this informative guide for parents, Barry Levy and Patricia Occhiuzzo Giggans, both experts in relationship violence, draw on their professional experience to provide guidance for getting through the relationship challenges kids, both gay and straight, face today.

eBook When Dating Becomes Dangerous
A Parent's Guide to Preventing Relationship Abuse
Author: Patti Occhiuzzo Giggans, M.A., Barrie Levy, M.S.W.
Item: EB4304

eBook Straight Talk from Claudia Black <p><img border="0" src=""  align="left" alt="Hazelden eBook available"><a href="">Buy your Kindle eBook from Amazon</a><BR><a href="
">Buy your kobo eBook</a><BR><a href="">Buy your Barnes and Noble eBooks</a><br><a href="">Buy your iBook at iTunes</a>  <P>For parents in recovery, Claudia Black introduces readers to five different families and reveals how each of the parents talked with their kids about recovery, relapse, and the child's own vulnerability to addiction.

eBook Straight Talk from Claudia Black
What Recovering Parents Should Tell Their Kids about Drugs and Alcohol
Author: Claudia Black, Ph.D.
Item: EB2201
144 pp.
Online Price  $9.99
Price  $9.99
eBook Whats Wrong with My Kid <br/>A down-to-earth, judgment-free guide for parents on recognizing the warning signs of alcohol and drug use in their kids, and getting them the help they need to grow and flourish.

eBook Whats Wrong with My Kid
When Drugs or Alcohol Might Be a Problem and What to Do About It
Author: George E. Leary Jr., M.A.
Item: EB4162
288 pp
eBook The Hug Therapy Book <br/>Kathleen Keating and Mimi Noland combine their talents to show how and why all kinds of hugs have positive results on IQ, aging, self-esteem, and stress.<br/>

eBook The Hug Therapy Book
Author: Kathleen Keating
Item: EB7631
72 pp.
eBook Recovering My Kid <br/>National expert Dr. Joseph Lee explains the nature of youth addiction and treatment and how families can create a safe and supportive environment for their loved ones during treatment and throughout their recovery.

eBook Recovering My Kid
Parenting Young Adults in Treatment and Beyond
Author: Joseph Lee, M.D.
Item: EB4693

eBook Self Esteem A Family Affair <br/>Strong self-esteem is a critical ingredient for human happiness -- and its development begins at home in the nurturing interactions between children and adults. Clarke's unique approach to building self-esteem begins with her belief that this is indeed a "family affair."<br/>

eBook Self Esteem A Family Affair
A Family Affair
Author: Jean Illsley Clarke
Item: EB5647
312 pp.
eBook My Family, My Self <br/>A culturally sensitive guide specific to the emotional health of Latinos, with a focus on family, in navigating the psychological, social, and cultural challenges faced after immigrating to America.<br/>

eBook My Family, My Self
The Latino Guide to emotional Well-Being
Author: Staff from Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio (CLUES)
Item: EB7555
Mi Familia y Yo: Guía de Bienestar Emocional
eBook It Takes a Family <br/>Counselor and interventionist Debra Jay offers a revolutionary approach to recovery that shows the addict and his or her loved ones how to work collaboratively and as individuals to take on the roles and responsibilities that support long-term sobriety.
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eBook It Takes a Family
A Cooperative Approach to Lasting Sobriety
Author: Debra Jay
Item: EB7559
370 pp.
eBook A Sober Mom's Guide to Recovery <br/>Recovering from an addiction is tough enough, but when you throw in the tremendous responsibilities of motherhood, resisting cravings and remaining abstinent - much less enjoying the rewards of sobriety - can seem like an impossible challenge.<br/>
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eBook A Sober Mom's Guide to Recovery
Taking Care of Yourself to Take Care of Your Kids
Author: Rosemary O'Connor
Item: EB7938
200 pp.