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Twenty Four Hours a Day Hardcover (24 Hours)
Twenty Four Hours a Day Hardcover (24 Hours)
Blackout Girl
Blackout Girl
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eBook Twenty Four Hours a Day for Teens <p><img border="0" src=""  align="left" alt="Hazelden eBook available"><a href="">Buy your Kindle eBook from Amazon</a><br><a href="">Buy your kobo eBook</a><br><a href="">Buy your Barnes and Noble eBooks for iPhone, iPod, PC, or Mac</a><br><a href="">Buy your iBook at iTunes</a>  <P>A daily meditation book created to help young people navigate the peaks and valleys of developing an active spiritual life in recovery. As an abridged and revised version of the classic <I>Twenty-Four Hours a Day</I>, this volume reflects the time-honored wisdom that has helped millions of recovering people around the world in their program of living one day at a time.

eBook Twenty Four Hours a Day for Teens
Daily Meditations
Item: EB2095
416 pp.
eBook The 12 Steps Unplugged <br/>In this simple and often funny guide, the author interprets the philosophies and stories of the Big Book in straightforward language that speaks to regular people. John will help you connect with the basic messages of getting honest with yourself, accepting the help of others, and finding a relevant spiritual support.

eBook The 12 Steps Unplugged
A Young Person's Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous
Item: EB4893
136 pp.
eBook Earn It! Entitlement is often confused with the word affluenza, a term used to describe the spoiledness of the very rich. But entitlement occurs across all income groups. It's a state of mind, the concept that "I deserve, even without putting in an effort."

This attitude begins at home, but often our society helps reinforce it. Think of the so-called participant trophies given to all kids playing on a sports team—not just those who excel. Early prevention of entitled attitudes can help lower the risk of our kids' future addiction, but of course, it’s no guarantee. 

Earn It! What to Do When Your Kid Needs an Entitlement Intervention will teach you how to create a family culture where responsibilities are honored, praise has meaning, decisions are made skillfully, and gratitude is second nature.
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eBook Earn It!
What to Do When Your Kid Needs an Entitlement Intervention
Author: Michael Wetter, PsyD, Eileen Bailey
Item: EB3379
240 pp.