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The Little Red Book Collection
The Little Red Book Collection
Each Day a New Beginning Journal
Each Day a New Beginning Journal
The Joey Song
The Joey Song
Each Day a New Beginning
Each Day a New Beginning
The Promise of a New Day
The Promise of a New Day
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eBook The Little Red Book for Women <p><img border="0" src=""  align="left" alt="Hazelden eBook available"><a href="">Buy your Kindle eBook from Amazon</a><BR><a href="">Buy your kobo eBook</a><br><a href="">Buy your Barnes   and Noble eBooks for iPhone, iPod, PC, or Mac</a><br><a href="">Buy your iBook at iTunes</a>  <P><I>The Little Red Book</I> evolved from a series of notes originally prepared as Twelve Step suggestions for AA beginners. The women's version, annotated by best-selling author Karen Casey, opens new avenues of thought for women.

eBook The Little Red Book for Women
Item: EB2311
156 pp.
eBook A Woman's Spirit <br/><i>Each Day a New Beginning</i> became a cornerstone of comfort and inspiration for women everywhere as they began their recovery process, selling more than two-and-a-half million copies since its publication. <i>A Woman's Spirit</i> continues this tradition with a collection of wise, compassionate daily meditations for any woman now living sober and seeking spiritual fulfillment.<br/>
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eBook A Woman's Spirit
Author: Karen Casey
Item: EB5433
400 pp.
eBook Earn It Entitlement is often confused with the word affluenza, a term used to describe the spoiledness of the very rich. But entitlement occurs across all income groups. It's a state of mind, the concept that "I deserve, even without putting in an effort."

This attitude begins at home, but often our society helps reinforce it. Think of the so-called participant trophies given to all kids playing on a sports team--not just those who excel. Early prevention of entitled attitudes can help lower the risk of our kids' future addiction, but of course, it's no guarantee. 

Earn It! What to Do When Your Kid Needs an Entitlement Intervention will teach you how to create a family culture where responsibilities are honored, praise has meaning, decisions are made skillfully, and gratitude is second nature.
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eBook Earn It
What to Do When Your Kid Needs an Entitlement Intervention
Author: Michael Wetter, PsyD, Eileen Bailey
Item: EB3379
240 pp.
eBook Tending Dandelions <br/>In the shadows of our child's struggles with addiction, we find ourselves tending to a life for which we weren't prepared. Yet that place also holds great opportunity for personal growth. These meditations provide encouragement and understanding for those who are realizing that recovery rarely follows a neat or comfortable path. Along the way, we plant beautiful roses only to be injured by their thorns, and we pull up unwanted dandelions that, at times, are our only source of wishes. By sharing the experiences that are unique to families facing addiction, Tending Dandelions offers wisdom, support, and inspiration for the recovery journey.<br/>

eBook Tending Dandelions
Honest Meditations for Mothers with Addicted Children
Author: Sandra Swenson
Item: EB3481
200 pp.
eBook Daybreak These 366 daily affirmations and meditations extend support and wisdom to women who have survived childhood sexual abuse.

eBook Daybreak
Meditations for Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Author: Maureen Brady
Item: EB5053

eBook Spanish Each Day a New Beginning <br/>Spanish eBook version of the best-selling (more than three million copies sold) meditation book for women seeking support and spiritual growth in recovery.

eBook Spanish Each Day a New Beginning
Reflexiones Para Mujeres
Author: Karen Casey
Item: EB4387

eBook 52 Weeks of Esteemable Acts <br/>In this age of instant gratification, extreme makeovers, and fleeting success, Francine Ward offers a decidedly unconventional approach to gaining self-esteem. Earning it.

eBook 52 Weeks of Esteemable Acts
A Guide to Right Living
Author: Francine Ward
Item: EB4847
288 pp.