Beaverton, OR Addiction Treatment Services are offered at Hazelden's Beaverton, OR facility.

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Welcome to Hazelden's Beaverton, Oregon outpatient clinic, part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, where your treatment team includes leading experts in the field of alcohol and drug addiction and co-occurring disorders. Offering specialized programs for outpatient detoxification, Comprehensive Opioid Response with the Twelve Steps (COR-12TM) for detoxing from heroin, and chronic pain management in the Portland area, our integrated approach and individualized care ensures a respectful and healing outpatient treatment experience.

Find hope at Hazelden

"You don't get high - and you don't get low either [in medication assisted treatment]. 
I felt cared for in a way that has restored my belief in doctors.
I feel hope today. I've got my life back."

--Susan, a recovering alcoholic and pain management patient at the Beaverton clinic

Andrew B. Mendenhall, M.D.Why the pain killers don't work anymore
When higher and higher dosages of opiate pain medicines no longer provide relief and your pain is worse than ever, something else is at work in the body.
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Has your use of pain medications become unmanageable?Am I abusing pain medications?
Has your use of pain medications become unmanageable?
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