This unique educational reform model has been implemented with success in
schools of all sizes – from large urban schools with hundreds of students to
smaller, rural schools with limited class sizes. Building Assets, Reducing Risks is listed on the National Registry of Evidence-based Practices and Programs and has been proven effective, regardless of students’ socio-economic or ethnic background.

Bring Building Assets, Reducing Risks to your school! To learn more about this important school reform model and how you can bring it to your district or school, contact Ann Hooper at 800-328-9000, ext. 4654.


How Building Assets, Reducing Risks Works
Restructure School Course Schedule
Students are organized, by grade, into blocks/teams with smaller class sizes. Each block is structured around a team of English, Math, and Science or Social Studies teachers. The block teachers share a common preparation period and meet weekly with support staff and administration to discuss the progress of all students in their block. As a result of restructuring the classes, student achievement is maximized and relationship building skills are increased.

Set Up Block Meetings
Block meetings create an opportunity for collaborative problem-solving, ongoing review of every student, and sharing strategies for successful interventions. Teachers and support staff meet weekly to discuss the progress of all students. This is where remediation and acceleration needs are identified, goals and strategies are developed, and ongoing student evaluation is discussed. The strengths of each student are always central to the conversation.

Establish Risk Review Meetings
During a weekly Risk Review, the teaching team creates strategies to assist students who are experiencing barriers to their success. Students are referred to Risk Review from Block Meeting teachers. Risk Review Meetings allow school staff to engage in collaborative problem-solving to leverage school and community resources to help failing students.

Cultivate Student Engagement
The students participate in weekly activities, known as "I-Time." These social-emotional learning activities are focused on building intentional student-to-student and student-to-teacher relationships while promoting student strengths. I-Time activities are designed to help kids:

  • Build a connected community
  • Set personal goals
  • Learn leadership skills
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Develop personal assets
  • Understand grief and loss
  • Prevent and address bullying
  • Understand and appreciate diversity
  • Celebrate success

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Your tools for successful implementation

Implementation of this evidence-based school reform model begins with a two-day in-person Implementation Training and continues throughout the school year with periodic team meetings and coaching. Administrators and educators are provided with the skills and knowledge to effectively deliver this educational model, to create intentional relationships in their interactions with students, parents/guardians, and colleagues, and to successfully sustain the model over time.

During your two-day training, your Trainer will take you through these core pieces of Building Assets, Reducing Risks.

Implementation Guide Implementation Guide
Along with hands-on training, your Implementation Guide provides step-by-step instructions on integrating Building Assets, Reducing Risks into your school’s schedule. Here, you receive additional information about the program, how to get started, and who needs to be involved—from the very first training with your Certified Trainer, to orientation of the model, to holding meetings, all the way through evaluating the model’s success.


Classroom Curriculum Classroom Curriculum
The Classroom Curriculum provides the resources needed to implement weekly I-Time activities. During I-Time, students are asked to discuss their thoughts or feelings with a small group. These small discussion groups then report back to the larger class, which allows for richer class discussion. Each I-Time activity can be adapted and customized to meet your individual classroom needs.


Block Meetings, Risk Review Meetings and I-Time Meetings
A Video Training for School Staff
This training video demonstrates how to effectively facilitate block meetings, risk review meetings, and I-Time meetings – the three main components of Building Assets, Reducing Risks. This is a great tool for enhancing training for your current staff or getting new staff up-to-speed!

To order this single item please call 800-328-9000 and ask for your sales representative.


Ongoing consultation and evaluation
Implementing Building Assets, Reducing Risks is an ongoing process – and your Certified Trainer will support you throughout your first year of implementation with periodic team meetings, in-situation coaching, troubleshooting, resource sharing, and question and answer sessions through seven hours of phone-based consultation.  Additional support after the first year of implementation is available separately.


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What is Building Assets, Reducing Risks?

Building Assets, Reducing Risks Video

See Building Assets, Reducing Risks in action!
This training video for school staff provides an overview of Block Meetings, Risk Review, and I-Time Activities.

Students Succeed with Building Assets, Reducing Risks

School front
Maine High School Results Motivates Fall Gathering

Bucksport High School in Maine recognized as BARR School of Excellence

Hemet High School receives awards.

St. Louis Park High School received the National ACT Award for College and Career Readiness.

Meet the Core Requirements of School Improvement Grants (SIG) with Building Assets, Reducing Risks

During this 90 minute Webinar, you will learn more about Building Assets, Reducing Risks and how this education reform model meets the core requirements of School Improvement Grants and other funding initiatives.

Building Assets, Reducing Risks was featured by In View with Larry King. Watch as students, parents, and faculty at a Los Angeles, CA area high school share how this program helped them achieve award-winning results.