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Hazelden Publishing

Cyber bullying can happen anytime, anywhere

Hazelden offers two important programs that address attitudes and behaviors associated with cyber bullying:

Cyber Bullying: A Prevention Curriculum for Grades 3-5 and Cyber Bullying: A Prevention Curriculum for Grades 6-12.

These two important resources were designed to:

Each curriculum includes a CD-ROM with additional resources:

Cyber Bullying A Prevention Curriculum Grades 3-5

Grades 3-5 curriculum:
In this five session program, students follow two upper elementary school students, Texter (he is a text messaging expert) and Internetta (she is internet savvy). These two characters serve as role models as they share their experiences in helping their friends deal with cyber issues, including cyber bullying.

For a complete description of the grades 3-5 curriculum's goals and objectives, see the Curriculum Scope and Sequence.



Cyber Bullying A Prevention Curriculum Grades 6-12Grades 6-12 curriculum:
This eight session program is designed specifically for students in middle school and high school. Using stories based on actual news events, students participate in small group discussions that center on real-life issues that teens face on the Internet everyday. At the end of the program, students work in small groups to create a plan for their own social networking Web site*.

*Students do not actually create a social networking site.

The grades 6-12 Curriculum Scope and Sequence provides in-depth description goals and objectives.

The authors, Drs. Susan P. Limber, Robin M. Kowalski, and Patricia W. Agatston, are all recognized authorities on bullying and cyber bullying. Read Meet the Authors.

Watch the Cyber Bullying Web Conference: "Cyber Bullying Hurts: How to Prevent and Respond" with Dr. Patricia Agatston.

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