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Beyond Addiction by William C. Moyers

Improving our understanding of alcohol and drug addiction

Contract for Deeds

When conversation between worried parents and their troubled children is not enough -- or maybe too much -- consider a written contract.

A no-nonsense colleague of mine at Hazelden whose 17-year-old daughter has struggled with alcohol and drug-related problems showed me a contract she used to set firm boundaries for when the teenager is living at her home. The mother was at her wits' end about what to do -- especially after the girl disappeared last year, only to show up again in the middle of a bitter Minnesota winter, about a month ago.

"I love her. I want her to get well, and having her at home is a big relief," the mother said. "But I also needed to take care of my own sanity, my own health. I couldn't have her violating my space and compromising my peace of mind."

So she wrote this contract:



I agree to:

Mother and daughter sat down to review the terms, and without intransigence the teenager signed and dated it. A copy hangs next to the computer she uses daily.

"I told her the trust isn't there, that it will take time," the mother said. "So far, so good."

Rules are a vital part of every household. But for parents whose home has been compromised by a teen's use of alcohol or other drugs, a simple, clear-cut contract might be the last resort or the first step in helping the teen understand what's at stake for the whole family.

February 20, 2010

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