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About My Drinking

About My Drinking is an anonymous, evidence-based online screening and brief intervention (SBI) tool that can easily be accessed by anyone who visits your website. It's a simple 18-question survey, based on AUDIT, on alcohol use patterns and screening tool that addresses the complete spectrum of severity.

Why is it different and better than other SBI programs?

  • Utilization of a screening tool that is more thorough than the AUDIT
  • Specific section for family education (50% of current SBIRT users are family members)
  • Information on the process and experience of treatment
  • Content and tools for individuals not ready to enter treatment
  • Access to products and services than span the continuum of care
  • Real-time reporting data for organizations

Every completed assessment includes:

  • An individualized plan
  • Recommended readings
  • Tools for finding help
  • Recommendation to seek treatment at your facility, if necessary

Providers who use "About My Drinking" report an increase in clients to enter their program after using this tool.

Unmatched data reporting capabilities
Through your unique web address, you have real-time access to anonymous data from those who have completed the assessment, including demographic information, alcohol use data, AUDIT score data and more.

Click here to view a sample report

General Demographic Information:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Any general information taken from the registration page

AUDIT Score Data

  • Number of assessments completed
  • Number of people who score as having No Problem, Moderate Risk, Hazardous Risk, Harmful Risk, or Dependence, in relation to their substance use
  • Number of people who took the assessment for themselves
  • Number of people who took the assessment for another person (family member, friend, etc.)

General Alcohol Use Data

  • How alcohol use is affecting their lifestyle (multiple answer choices)
  • How people feel about their drinking (multiple answer choices)
  • Quantities of alcohol consumed by various times (daily, weekly, etc.)
  • Levels of binge drinking

Data on the Use of the About My Drinking Program

  • Number of people completing the questionnaire (not the AUDIT score)
  • Number of people setting goals
  • Number of people using the quit meter
  • Which content was used by how many people

Try the tool today!

Visit aboutmydrinking.org to experience this interactive tool. This site can be customized with your organization's name, logo, and helpline number; a call to action; a direct link to your website; and more! When customized with your contact information, users understand that the data they receive is coming from you – a source they know and trust.

Click here to find your sales representative for pricing and customization options.