Plymouth, MNAddiction Treatment Services for Youth and Young Adults is offered at Hazelden's Plymouth, MN facility.

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Adolescent and Young Adult Addiction Handouts

These handouts are for use by professionals with their clients. Content is from the professional staff of the Hazelden organization. Hazelden is a leader in the assessment and treatment of addiction, with the goal of ongoing recovery and sobriety.

Healing for the Family: Restorative help for the family of an addicted child

Risk and Distortion: What parents need to know about coming of age in our digital world

High risk and high stakes - What parents need to know about addiction and recovery issues for LGBTQ adolescents and young adults

Under the influence of parents - Children of marijuana users are far more likely to use

Drugs and Sex - A high-risk mix for adolescents and young adults

Peer Pressure and Underage Drinking

What parents need to know about the risks of early alcohol/drug use

Redefining what it means to parent when your child has addiction

When It's More than Nature vs. Nurture: Helping parents take action when their child struggles with addiction

Hidden in Plain Sight: Today's teen drug culture has a friend in technology

What parents need to know about adolescent and young adult substance abuse

Parents in the Dark: Survey finds parents underestimate risks associated with alcohol/drug use in their children

What's a Family to Do?  How to find help and answers if you suspect teen alcohol or other drug use

Drug abuse and mental health issues in young people

Young Women and Addiction: Detection, Treatment, and Recovery

Parents: How to Support Your Child's Recovery from Addiction during the Holidays

Eight Warning Signs Your Child Could Be Addicted

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