Alcohol and drug addiction treatment

Drug rehabilitation, alcohol addiction treatment for women

Forty percent of the nation's addicted people are women. But when compared to their male counterparts, alcohol and drug addiction affects women differently.

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment for women

Among the differences:

Yet historically, entering treatment for alcohol or drug addiction has been difficult for women due to social, cultural and family patterns. Women often place caretaking and nurturing roles before their own needs, and may delay seeking help for their addiction. Feelings of shame and guilt also deter addicted women from seeking help, even when their lives depend on it.

For its residential programs, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has maintained separate primary addiction treatment programming as well as separate lodging for men and women since 1956, when women patients were first admitted. Separate programming allows women to stay focused on their own recovery process, explore sensitive issues with peers in a safe and supportive environment, and strengthen their fellowship with others in recovery. It has been Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's experience, supported by subsequent and ongoing research, that gender-specific treatment provides patients with the best opportunity for recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation offers a wide range of gender-specific treatment services specifically designed to address each person's individual needs and help them step back on the path to achieving their potential as health, recovering individuals.

Since the majority of our patients have a co-occurring mental health disorder such as anxiety or depression, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation provides a clinically integrated approach that treats the mental health issues at the same time as the addiction. If the co-occurring disorder is not treated along with the addiction to alcohol and drugs, sobriety can be threatened.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's alcohol and drug addiction treatment services for women are offered in California, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, and Oregon.

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