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Center for Public Advocacy

Our Mission

The Center for Public Advocacy works hard every day to fight the stigma of addiction and promote the promise and possibility of recovery. Our efforts focus on defining and promoting policy and legislation that will help people with the disease of addiction more easily find treatment and recovery support. We also encourage people to speak out and tell their own stories to offer hope to others. 

Our mission is to:

Educate people on what they can do to help advance public awareness of alcohol or drug abuse treatment and advocate for positive change.

End discrimination against people who seek alcohol or drug abuse treatment. Health insurance plans must cover treatment for addiction like they do other major chronic illnesses.

Identify the problem before it is too late. Medical professionals must make screening for alcohol and other drug problems a part of every primary care and emergency room visit.

Promote effective treatment and supervised continuing care programs for certain non-violent offenders with drug or alcohol addictions.


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