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Alumni sharing the hope of recovery.

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Help other Hazelden patients make the transition from treatment to home by becoming an alumni contact. Complete and mail this form to us.

Alumni referral line

If you or someone you know needs help, call the alumni referral line at

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Alumni relations

Your lifelong recovery journey is at the heart of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation mission. The Alumni Relations staff is dedicated to supporting alumni on their  journey of recovery by providing activities, events and service opportunities for alumni and their families.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Alumni are invited to meetings and a variety of special events throughout the year such as:
Enjoy life and celebrate recovery!

Alumni enjoy special benefits as Fellow Travelers
Get access to a variety of benefits, services, and opportunities to keep you inspired, informed and engaged. Join our free Fellow Travelers program.

Join our social communities
The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation offers two online communities for ongoing recovery support and fellowship. Learn more >>

Follow-up research
The Butler Center for Research at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation routinely contacts alumni one, six, and 12 months after treatment to measure how well people are doing in their recovery program. This information allows us to monitor the quality of our care and guides us in our ongoing treatment improvement efforts. If you have recently completed a treatment program, you may receive a call from a staff member of the Butler Center for Research. We appreciate your help and support.


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