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Hazelden Publishing

A New Direction, 2nd Edition

A Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment curriculum

"If there's a program out there that's better than this one, I haven't found it."
Mary Jane Saksa, Director of Substance Abuse, Worcester County (MA) Sheriff's Department, on their use of A New Direction (A.N.D.) with over 175 clients per year.

A New Direction


Give your law-involved clients A New Direction


How it works for you:


What Sets the 2nd Edition of A New Direction Apart?

The workbooks

Information, exercises, activities, and Thinking Reports help offenders see that criminality and addiction are thinking problems before they become behavioral problems.

The facilitator's guides

Each guide contains the entire client workbook with sidebar notes, suggestions, and supplemental information for facilitators.

The videos

Filmed in actual correctional facilities, A New Direction videos feature real clients sharing the real story of recovery from a life of addiction and crime. A New Direction also uses some of Hazelden's top videos developed for substance abuse treatment. All videos are available for preview. Call your sales associate for details at 800-328-9000.


Hazelden trainers and DOC professionals will help you identify program needs, get buy in, and develop outcome evaluation strategies before implementation. Call your sales  for details at 800-328-9000.

A New Direction Training Agenda

We'll fit your needs and your budget

Hazelden sales consultants can build a package of products and implementation training that works specifically for you. Contact your sales associate at 800-328-9000.

7 Flexible Modules, One Exceptional Program

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