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Recovery for Life!

Continuing Care Groups

Recovery from chemical use is a lifelong pursuit. People with successful sobriety are those who engage in recovery activities after treatment. Hazelden's Continuing Care Program offers groups that are designed to put what you have learned into action.

Most relapses back to chemical use will occur in the first six months following treatment. Hazelden's Continuing Care Program is a 25-session program that provides support, education, and coping skills during this critical period.

Experience has shown that simply stopping chemical use is not enough. Only the First Step is about chemical use. The rest of the Steps are about changing your life and building a spiritual nature. You will be returning home to a life where chemical use may have been a "normal" event. You may be faced with many of the problems you had when you left for treatment - legal, financial, emotional, family, relationships, or employment. Your Continuing Care group will help you with this adjustment.

Your Continuing Care group is a support group for you. Group is typically two hours in length, and meets once each week. It is not a self-help group like AA.  It is a group where you, your continuing care counselor, and other group members will work on:

Continuing Care can help you get connected to the recovery community through AA and Hazelden alumni activities and resources.

Family and significant other Continuing Care Groups

Hazelden has two Continuing Care groups for the families, friends and significant others affected by a loved one's addiction. The group helps facilitate the process of recovery from those effects.

The group covers a wide range of helpful and healing topics such as: Twelve Steps, early recovery, detaching with love, relationships and spirituality. At Hazelden we recognize that addiction is an illness that affects the entire family and that it is helpful to provide a safe caring place to share, heal and grow.

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