• 7 p.m., Friday, November 10 to noon, Sunday, November 12, 2017



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Preventing Relapse

Center City, MN

Dan Anderson Renewal Center Weekend Retreat

Spiritual, emotional, or chemical relapse doesn't happen "all of a sudden." It happens in definable, recognizable, and preventable stages. If you're not in recovery, you're likely in relapse. This dynamic workshop helps you identify and address feelings, emotional patterns, and warning signs of relapsing back to chemical use or behavioral crisis. You'll become aware of the smallest indicators of spiritual or emotional relapse, the impact of core beliefs on recovery, and the progression of your disease versus your spiritual growth.

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Jay Stackhouse, LADC

Jay Stackhouse, LADC, is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor who has worked at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in a variety of positions since 2004. He lectures regularly on the disease of addiction, symptoms and phases of the disease, and Chapter 3 from the Big Book.


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