• 7 p.m., Friday, March 10 to noon, Sunday, March 12, 2017



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Spiritual Audacity NEW

Center City, MN

Dan Anderson Renewal Center Weekend Retreat

The shortest distance between two persons is a story. The focus of this workshop is to bring healing and personal growth through storytelling and mythology.

Mythical stories are as much about rediscovery of deep and ancient awareness of simple and pervasive truths as they are about stimulating immediate "here and now" reactions to them. Meeting the story with one's own experience and interpretation of the world is very much a consciousness-raising event because the story provides categories of understanding and a framework that is at once familiar and unfamiliar. Because of this, one is brought to a place where the territory must be negotiated with a new map that has some familiar symbols and some strange directions.

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Ermanno Di Febo-Orsini

Ermanno Di Febo-Orsini is a poet, storyteller, and artist who works as a designer in the movie industry. His workshops focus on enhancing the process of recovery through the use of art. He is a visionary member of the RecoveryAid Foundation, dedicated to reducing the stigma toward addiction.


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