• Sunday, November 12, 2017


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Spiritual Progress - Second Sunday

Center City, MN

Inspire and inform your recovery with others who share the journey of healing and hope.

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Join Second Sundays at Hazelden in Center City, Minnesota

November 12
9 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Cork Center
15251 Pleasant Valley Rd.
Center City, MN 55012

"We had to get down to causes and conditions" is the invitation in our first step of daily living that can deliver us to the fit spiritual condition. Will's presentation will focus on the growth made possible by our continued efforts on this path. Whether you are in recovery or simply a seeker of spirituality, this talk will offer new insight to further growth. 

Will Hudson is a renewal specialist at the Dan Anderson Renewal Center. A popular presenter and lecturer, Will brings authentic love, knowledge, humor, and compassion with him wherever he goes. Will Hudson

Hazelden's Second Sunday is held on campus in Center City, Minnesota. Each event includes a lecture by staff or a guest speaker, as well as relaxation and group discussions open to anyone 18 years and older. Friends and family are welcome to join you for the experience.

Register today! Cost is $15.

Second Sunday includes lunch and an information packet. If you have special dietary needs, please contact us at 1-651-312-3021 five days prior to the event.

Click here for more details about Second Sunday or contact us at 1-800-257-7810 for more information.

HAZELDEN BETTY FORD FOUNDATION PHOTO POLICY: By attending this public event, I hereby grant the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation the right to use and publish photographs and videos of me, or in which I may be included, for editorial trade, advertising, and any other purpose and in any manner and medium and to alter the same without restriction. I hereby release the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and its legal representatives and assigns for all claims and liability relating to said photographs and videos.

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