• Friday, May 5, 2017


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Integrative Mental Health and Wellness Open House

Integrative Mental Health and Wellness


Join your colleagues for a midday getaway

Friday, May 5
11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Open House

Cashman Center
2970 Judicial Road
Suite 100
Burnsville, MN 55337

Admission is free.

Learn, Experience and Explore
Come and explore interactive presentations and stations at your leisure. Stay as long or as little as you would like.

Lunch and Door Prizes
Enjoy fresh, fabulous, and festive eats and drinks.

Lots of fun giveaways, door prizes every half hour.

Success Stories
Join us at noon and/or 1 p.m. to get inspired by two individuals whose lives have been transformed through the use of integrative wellness therapies. They will share their experience on how these methods transformed their lives.

Natasha Badois, ND
With a special focus on modalities to address health concerns related to stress and anxiety, you will be introduced to the practice of naturopathic medicine. Discover the healing potential of herbs, tinctures, supplements, nutrient/cortisol testing, and more.
Natasha Badois is a licensed naturopathic doctor whose passion about treating patients holistically drew her to the practice. She focuses on helping patients of all ages achieve true wellness by optimizing their health and develops customized care plans that incorporate multiple modalities such as herbal medicine, dietary recommendations, and lifestyle changes.

David Thompson, BCTMB, certified active release technique provider
Learn about the benefits of Active Release Technique (ART) bodywork in relation to mental/emotional/physical health, and then experience a brief ART session with the therapist. (Please wear loose clothing, if possible).

David Thompson is skilled in therapeutic and rehabilitative massage, specializing in techniques to help clients with myofascial symptoms, restoration and maintenance of soft tissue health, and skeletal alignment. He has also completed extensive training in Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method® and Full Body Certification in Active Release Techniques with Long Tract Nerve Entrapment. 

K. Murray Decio, MSOM, LAc, NCCAOM
Experience a community acupuncture (group setting) session. The acupuncturist will ask you a few questions, check your pulse, and answer any questions you may have before starting. No need to undress; just remove shoes and roll up your pants and sleeves. Don’t worry; this is very introductory and gentle.

K. Murray Decio holds a master of science in Oriental Medicine and is a licensed acupuncturist. Additionally, she is trained in multiple areas of mental health, including the assessment of treatment of pain associated with PTSD. Her practice areas include anxiety/depression and women's issues as well as the full spectrum of health and wellness concerns.

Amy Machacek owner/director of Heartwork Yoga Studio

With a focus on stress reduction, you will learn how yoga complements but differs from other holistic healing approaches. Practice some simple seated-chair movements, feel better in your body, and discover a simple breathing exercise to help with anxiety. 

Amy Machacek is the owner/director of HeartWork Studio and LIFE.REVAMP., Inc. She started teaching yoga in 1998 and has taught more than 8,000 yoga classes. Her deep love is Vinyasa but she also practices and teaches Yin, Relaxation, Power, Hot and Restorative Yoga.

Martii Gudim
Feel/hear a variety of vibrations from different "tools" used in sound therapy. These vibrations allow the brain, heart, and respiratory system to slow down or "entrain" in order to experience an overall sense of wellbeing.

Martii Gudim is certified in multiple types of energy work including Sound Therapy, QiGong, and Reiki. As an energy and sound healing practitioner, she supports individuals in taking steps to move beyond areas of pain or imbalance.

Integrative Open House is brought to you by

Cashman Center Acadia Healthcare

Questions? Please contact Cendee Palmer by email or 763-509-3940.


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