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Support for families of alcoholics and addicts

Identifying new ways of coping with addiction and relationships

These programs are designed to promote the well-being of those who live with or care about a person with addiction.

Through education and guidance participants learn they can't control their loved one's addiction, but they can take responsibility for their own health and happiness.

The stress of living with alcohol or drug addiction can have physical, emotional, social, and spiritual consequences.

By becoming aware of the beliefs and experiences that shape their own behaviors, participants identify new, healthy ways of coping with addiction and relationships.

VIDEO  Women and Alcoholism: Lose the Shame

Amy, a recovering alcoholic and proud Hazelden graduate, discuss how shame kept her from seeking the help she needed.

A family's story

Hazelden - A Family's story of addiction and recovery

Support for Parents

Hazelden provides support to the parents of young people in addiction treatment
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