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Why choose the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation?

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has been saving lives and restoring families from substance abuse for more than 60 years. We offer the best chance at lifelong recovery.

Treatment works.

Our scientific evidence-based treatment methods get results.  Over 80% of our adult patients either remain continuously abstinent or dramatically reduce their use in the year after treatment, and we encourage participation in a Twelve Step program as one means of support in recovery.

We're more than a 28-day program. 

Addiction is a chronic condition that requires continuing care. Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation offers a full range of services with varying intensities and durations to meet the clinical needs of each individual.

Each patient is assigned a highly-trained, multidisciplinary treatment team.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation employs on-site medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, counselors and case managers who collaborate to assess and adjust each individual’s treatment plan.

We provide 18 months of FREE support to patients once they complete treatment.

Research shows that clients who actively engage in continuing care after treatment are more likely to remain abstinent. Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's exclusive MORE (My Ongoing Recovery Experience) program keeps clients connected by providing state-of-the art Web-based tools, support and fellowship to build a new life in recovery. Following treatment, each patient receives continued guidance from a recovery coach (a licensed addiction counselor) both electronically and by phone to provide encouragement and support.

Our patients recommend us to others.

98% of our former patients say they would recommend Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation to anyone seeking help for an addiction.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is insurance friendly. 

We are an in-network provider for many insurance companies. Our Financial Case Managers work with you and your insurance company to determine a financial plan that will make treatment possible.  For those who qualify, patient aid is available.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation delivers the outcomes, value, and experience needed to build lasting freedom from addiction. We are here to answer your questions or begin the admissions process any day, any time. Call 800-257-7810 now.


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