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Helping families when a loved one

has addiction

When your child, spouse, or loved one is struggling with addiction, it can overwhelm your family’s strength and hope.  Friends and family members of alcoholics and addicts often feel confused, frustrated, angry and helpless.

Alcohol and drug treatment that heads the family, too

At the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, we  teach family members what they can do to take care of themselves.  They learn that they can't control addiction, they didn't cause addiction, and they can't cure addiction. Participants identify new, healthy ways of coping with the addiction of a loved one whether that person is in recovery or actively using alcohol and drugs.

Support for families of addicts

Through presentations, group discussions, and personal reflection, family members learn new ways to cope with addiction and relationships. We offer services for family members at  our campuses in:

Talk to us. We'll listen to you, then guide you to the right services for your family.

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