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  • Building Assets, Reducing Risks
  • Olweus Bullying Prevention Program


  • Safe Dates
  • Too Good for Drugs
  • Project Northland & Class Action
  • Model Smoking Prevention Program


  • Marijuana Brief Intervention
  • Teen Intervene
  • Exploring Trauma
  • Healing Trauma


  • Living in Balance
  • The Matrix Model
  • Twelve Step Facilitation
  • Co-occurring Disorders Program
  • Severe Mental Disorders Program
    (IDDT & IMR)
  • Beyond Trauma
  • CANDIS Marijuana Treatment


  • A New Direction
  • The Matrix Model for Criminal Justice
  • Responsible Decisions DUI Program

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One day contract training

Healing Trauma: Strategies for Abused Women

This interactive one-day training is based on the concept and values of trauma-informed services. It also presents a new five-session trauma curriculum for women who have been abused. The focus is on core information for healing trauma that staff and clients need: an understanding of what trauma is, its process, and its impact on both the inner self (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values) and the outer self (behavior and relationships). Presentation topics include: the process of trauma, power and abuse, grounding and self-soothing, and healthy relationships. Healing Trauma is an adaptation of the best selling, evidence-based Beyond Trauma: A Healing Journey for Women. It is particularly designed for settings requiring a shorter intervention: jails, domestic violence agencies, and sexual assault services. Program materials consist of a facilitator guide and participant workbook on a CD-Rom to allow for easy duplication. The workbook is written in English and Spanish.

At the completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Define gender-responsive and trauma-informed services
  • Discuss the connection between substance abuse and trauma
  • Describe the process of trauma and typical responses
  • Demonstrate physical and mental grounding exercises
  • Apply a variety of therapeutic interventions

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