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Insurance coverage for addiction treatment

At Hazelden, the final cost of treatment is determined by the level of care required and the
length of a person's stay. We offer a variety of treatment options within our national network
of care and there are several factors which affect price between our facilities, including regional cost of living factors, professional staffing, and unique programs, services and facilities. 

Which insurance companies cover the cost of addiction treatment?

Insurance coverage depends on the individual's situation. Hazelden is an in-network provider for some insurance carriers but out-of-network benefits may also be used to help cover the cost of treatment. Some services may be covered under mental health benefits; while some may limit coverage to outpatient services.

Insurance for addiction treatment can be complex and our experienced staff is skilled in working with all types of insurance providers to access the maximum benefits available.  A financial counselor is assigned to each case and works with the client to determine a viable financial plan.  With permission, they will even check with the client's insurance company about coverage. Hazelden's financial staff are experts at gaining maximum insurance coverage and working with families to identify financial sources. We encourage people to go through this process even if they think they do not have insurance benefits.

Visit our Locations map to learn about the specific in-network providers at each of our facilities within our nationwide system of care.

Is it true that financial aid is available?

As a nonprofit organization, Hazelden does have some funds available to aid in the cost of a person's treatment, if they are eligible and it is financially necessary. These funds, when available, are sometimes used to help offset part of the cost of treatment. We will always recommend that clients work through our financial counselors and participate in a financial needs assessment to determine eligibility.



For more information about the guidelines and determination of eligibility, read our full Patient Aid Policy.

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