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Addiction treatment for LGBTQ-identifying individuals

For lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) individuals, addiction can be especially complex. Shame and rejection; depression, anxiety, and trauma; the internalization of cultural sex-negativity, and identity conflicts and confusion are some of the primary issues these clients may face as they work toward recovery. But with the right care and support, addiction can be treated and managed--for life.

But with the right care and support, addiction can be treated and managed—for life.

Research suggests that LGBTQ individuals benefit from uniquely tailored addiction treatment -– treatment that is affirming and integrative. The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation LGBTQ program provides hope, healing and health in a safe, open and supportive environment at Hazelden in Springbrook.

What is LGBTQ-integrative treatment?

LGBTQ-integrative treatment equally accommodates heterosexual and LGBTQ clients, emphasizing sensitivity for those early in the stages of "coming out," and in conflict. Every component of treatment takes into account LGBTQ needs, using evidence-based LGBTQ-specific curriculum. Treatment aims to address the existential trauma of living closeted, of family system rejection, and anti-gay emotional and physical violence.

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Depending upon their individualized treatment plan, LGBTQ clients also often engage in programming such as:


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Buster Ross, the LGBTQ Program Director at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, talks about new research involving addiction issues in the LGBTQ community. 6/27/14, KGW-TV in Portland, Ore.



Addiction treatment and recovery for nurses."Having a space to discuss sexuality and addiction was one of the most positive and helpful experiences of treatment."
–LGBTQ program participant

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