2 day training

This training is designed to provide the attendee information to understand the benefits and components of Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change. Each attendee will gain useful techniques for overcoming ambivalence and resistance to change within their clients, including tips for substance abuse problems, eating disorders and medication compliance and mental health symptoms. Correct and incorrect use of MI will be examined, along with indications and contraindications.

Attendees will leave with a fresh, new approach for working with resistant patients and will be energized to help their patients become motivated to return to a healthy lifestyle.  Attendees will also examine their motivation and ways their own motivation can impact the individuals they work with.  


  • Understand the nature of motivation as it influences behavioral change
  • Understand the role of the clinician and client when using motivational strategies for behavioral change
  • Understand the Stages of Change Model and be able to identify a minimum of 3 components
  • Identify a minimum of 3 principles of motivational interviewing
  • Apply techniques to elicit self-motivational statements from your client
  • Recognize correct and incorrect use of the MI techniques
  • How to use Motivational Interviewing to move people through the Stages of Change
  • Apply and utilize the components and philosophies of Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change

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