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We know it's difficult to trust and accept help for addiction. Many of us have been there ourselves. We want you to know, while every person and family we treat is different, there is one thing you all have in common - you can have your life back and we will help you get there.


Men are facing challenges like never before. When addiction occurs, it can impact our ability to face them. At Hazelden, we'll help you get back on your feet and back to enjoying life. The rebuilding starts here.

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It's true. Addiction to alcohol and other drugs affects women differently than men. Hazelden understands and knows how to help. You can have the life you imagined for yourself and it can start right now.

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Young People

When addiction takes over, your hopes and dreams get put on hold--or abandoned altogether. Hazelden offers specialized programs for teens, young adults and their families. Your life wants you back and we can help.

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Health Care Professionals

When you're accustomed to providing care, it's not easy to see when you need help. At Hazelden, we call it "help for the helpers." You'll be amongst peers who understand and with experts who know what it takes to reclaim your life and career.

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Legal Professionals

Lawyers make a career helping other people solve their problems. At Hazelden, we understand how difficult it can be to confront your own. We'll help you work things out and get your life back from addiction.

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Traumatic Stress Sufferers

We see it every day. People who've experienced significant trauma turning to alcohol or other drugs to escape the pain. Freedom from traumatic stress and addiction is possible--we can help.

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Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's alcohol and drug treatment services are available in:

Betty Ford Center - Rancho Mirage, CA

Beaverton, OR

Center City, MN

Chaska, MN

Chicago, IL

Maple Grove, MN

Naples, FL

New York City, NY

Plymouth, MN

Springbrook, OR

St. Paul, MN


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