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Addiction Treatment Services are offered at Hazelden's Newberg, Oregon facility
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Alcohol and drug addiction treatment center in Newberg, Oregon

Hazelden's residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment center for men and women, known as Springbrook, is located 25 miles outside of Portland in Newberg, Oregon. Founded in 1990, Hazelden's Springbrook campus is located in the quiet countryside on a 23-acre campus that promotes an atmosphere of respect, serenity, and support. Take a tour of our Newberg, Oregon alcohol and drug rehab facility.

Residential Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Our treatment philosophy is based on the recognition that alcohol and drug addiction is a disease and that abstinence is the best way to manage the condition. We approach addiction treatment in a holistic way, working with mind, body and spirit as components of a healthy life.

Specialized Addiction Treatment Programs

The Health Care Professionals Program is designed specifically to help health care professionals recover from alcohol and drug addiction and regain their lives. Teams of experienced medical and clinical professionals develop treatment plans based on the unique recovery needs of each patient in a gender-specific treatment environment. Learn more>>

Treatment for those with trauma - Substance abuse and trauma disorders are closely linked, as many individuals turn to alcohol or other drugs to escape the pain of traumatic experiences. Effective addiction treatment requires integrated programming to address co-occurring disorders in a comprehensive way. Learn more>>

LGBTQ-sensitive addiction treatment - In a safe, welcoming, and respectful environment, Hazelden integrates culturally specific addiction treatment into the current Twelve Step facilitation model for self-identified lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender clients. In a group setting, clients address issues such as cultural sensitivity, social stress, stigmatization, discrimination, and the "coming out" process. These issues present multiple challenges that need to be addressed to enhance treatment and recovery. Learn more>>

Addiction Assessments and Evaluations

For many, the addiction treatment experience begins with a comprehensive residential evaluation. At Hazelden, we do not assume a diagnosis of alcoholism or other addictions. Patients undergo an evaluation and diagnosis, complete medical assessment and examination, psychological assessment, drug and alcohol assessment, spiritual assessment, and psychiatric assessment. At its conclusion, recommendations are made to the patient, referent, and family as appropriate.

Recovery Management

Lifelong recovery from addiction is a journey - and Hazelden is with you every step of the way. Our addiction recovery programs support and strengthen the basic tools you need to live a clean and sober life. Learn more>>

Mental Health Center
Family Program

Through education and guidance, our family programs teach participants that they can't control their loved one's addiction, but they can take responsibility for their own health and happiness. View a sample schedule of daily activity. Learn more>>

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