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Alcohol and drug addiction treatment

Outpatient drug treatment, alcohol rehab

Addiction robs you of the moments in your life, making you feel as though you have no options. At Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, you have options to begin your recovery from alcohol and drugs.  We offer quality addiction treatment services on an outpatient basis - allowing you to receive high-caliber clinical care while maintaining your commitments to work, family and home.

Patients recommended for Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's outpatient treatment programs do not require medically supervised detoxification or stabilization, have stable mental and physical health, have had few if any prior treatment experiences, and have a stable, supportive home and work environment.

Outpatient program options include:

A Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation clinician will help you every step of the way, with interviews and screenings to determine your best options for care, helping you with insurance matters and answers to your questions. You'll begin your recovery program at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, confident that you're in good hands to help you begin to heal.

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