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Sales Representatives

Our National Outreach sales representatives are ready to help you in the lifesaving work you do. They're knowledgeable in Hazelden products and well-versed in the needs of prevention, treatment, mental health and criminal justice providers. And they'll listen to your needs, ask questions about your practice, and suggest products that could fit your practice. They can also help you customize a complete solutions package that will include curriculum, training and assistance in grant opportunities.

Roxanne Vold holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education and has worked in the field of addiction and prevention for more than 15 years. Currently she is the Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for Hazelden Publishing. In this role, she leads a team that is responsible for 22 million dollars in annual Publishing revenue from products and services for prevention, intervention, treatment, and ongoing recovery. Hazelden Publishing is one of the world's largest publishers of materials in print, video, and electronic form for people affected by substance abuse and addiction.

Behavioral Health Sales Representatives

Ashley Thill            Steve Mangeniello
Mental Health

Ashley Thill
Entire United States
1-800-328-9000, ext. 4030
Fax: 651-213-4044

  Treatment, Corrections, Government

Ben Bertsch
Alaska, Arizona, California,
Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho,
Kansas, Louisiana, Montana,
Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, Wyoming.
1-800-328-9000, ext.4882
Fax: 651-213-4793

             Treatment, Corrections,

Steve Manganiello
Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin.
1-800-328-9000, ext. 4688
Fax: 651-213-4044

Wendy Martin     Audrey Lease       

Treatment, Corrections, Government

Wendy Martin
Connecticut, Delaware, Florida,
Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts,
New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, DC,
West Virginia.
1-800-328-9000, ext. 4661
Fax: 651-213-4044


Audrey Lease
International, Canada,
plus all Professional Distributors.
1-800-328-9000, ext. 4699,
001+651-213-4200, ext. 4689
Fax: 651-213-4793





Education Sales Representatives

Bobby Christensen       Helen Al Said       Audrey Lease

Olweus/Bullying Prevention
Bobby Christensen

Entire United States
1-800-328-9000, ext. 4909
Fax: 651-213-4044.



Other Prevention – Alcohol, Drug, Dating Violence and Suicide
Helen Al Said
Entire United States
1-800-328-9000, ext. 4215.
Fax: 651-213-4044.


Audrey Lease
International, Canada,
plus all Professional Distributors.
1-800-328-9000, ext. 4699, 001+651-213-4200, ext. 4689.
Fax: 651-213-4793

Charlene (Char) Gustafson        

Olweus Survey
Technical Support
Charlene (Char) Gustafson
1-800-328-9000, ext. 4466.


Business Development

Ann Hooper    Luke Wendlandt    Toni Brezina
Business Development
Ann Hooper
1-800-328-9000, ext. 4654
Fax: 651-213-4044
  Business Development Manager,
Behavioral Health
Luke Wendlandt
1-800-328-9000, ext. 4742
Fax: 651-213-4044
  Business Development Manager, Education
Toni Brezina
1-800-328-9000, ext. 4937
Fax: 651-213-4044



Lisa Malani   Virginia (Gini) Hasselquist   Jodi Klescewski
National Sales Director
Higher Learning
Lisa Malani
1-800-328-9000, ext. 4481
Fax: 651-213-4793
  National Sales Manager
Higher Learning
Virginia (Gini) Hasselquist
1-800-328-9000, ext. 4481
Fax 651-213-4793
  Recovery Bookstores
Jody Klescewski
1-800-328-9000, ext.4731
Fax 651-213-4793