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The Lodge Program and Weekend Retreats

At Hazelden's Dan Anderson Renewal Center in Center City, MN

Dan Anderson Renewal Center Twelve Step Recovery Retreats

Wherever you are on your recovery journey, welcome!

Join us to reconnect with the freedom and joy of recovery.

You will find respite and encouragement through Hazelden's back-to-basics Lodge Program and Twelve Step-inspired Weekend Retreats.

Our Lodge sessions and retreats focus on common issues faced in recovery—spiritual fitness, emotional balance, healthy relationships, grief, meditation, and more. Whether you are coming to recharge your recovery or discover what's holding you back or weighing you down—we look forward to working with you in providing a safe environment to map out your personal path to a more joyful, deeply satisfying recovery.

Plan to stay for a few days, a week, or longer—whatever works best for you. 

The Dan Anderson Renewal Center at Hazelden

The Lodge Program - Back to Basics



My Experience

  • "I think that when a place exists where I know I'll be alright, where I know I'll be safe; where I know I'll be open to growing, even if I am not ready to grow, it is a deep treasure that always stands side by side with my doubt and my disease. When I absolutely don't know anything else - I know a place where I am safe and it's up here at the Renewal Center."
  • ----A Dan Anderson Renewal Center participant

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