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Butler Center for Research

Dedicated to improving recovery from addiction by conducting clinical and institutional research, collaborating with other research centers, and communicating scientific findings.

Butler Center for Research
Our vision is to support sustained recovery for all who seek help by way of advancements in knowledge and integration of research into practice.

While we know that treatment is effective, the internal and external processes that produce change are relatively unknown. The more we can objectively describe and measure processes and indicators of change, the better we can target our treatment efforts, work to improve treatment outcomes, and communicate to people about our results. 

Research UpdatesEach issue of Research Update is a one-page summary of current research on various topics of interest within the addiction treatment field. The most recent research findings on various addiction-related topics are provided, including outcomes, treatment of older adults, treatment of youth, co-occurring disorders, and the biology of addiction, among others.

Sponsored by Hazelden's Butler Center for Research, the Dan Anderson Research Award recognizes a single published article by a researcher who has advanced the scientific knowledge of addiction recovery.

Dr. David Oslin and Dr. Frederic BlowDue to a generous donation made by the Huss Family Foundation, the Butler Center for Research at Hazelden is able to offer a permanently endowed Research Chair position on the topic of older adults and alcohol/drug problems to external researchers and scholars. The goal of the Huss Research Chair is to help Hazelden better respond to the needs of older adults with substance abuse problems and to share that knowledge with the field.

Butler Center for Research conducts numerous research studies on Hazelden patient populations. These studies are designed to further elucidate the mechanisms underlying effective treatment for drug and alcohol problems.


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