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Alcohol and drug addiction treatment

Residential treatment centers

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's addiction treatment programs are based on years of research and study. Our philosophy is to treat each person who comes to us with respect and dignity while providing a safe place in which to heal. Our programs include integrated mental health services for co-occurring mental health issues. Each patient's length of stay is truly individualized and based on the client's needs.


Some patients will start in what is typically called a primary care addiction treatment program. The length of stay varies based on the clinical needs of the patient but the typical length of stay is 28 to 30 days.

Extended care

For patients with complex recovery issues that require more time, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation offers extended care programs. These programs allow more in-depth time on special issues, mental health complications, relapse prevention and sober living skills.  Patients have time to put into practice their new recovery skills and develop a deeper understanding of what they need to do to recover. Patients typically stay 60 days but some people require up to 90 days.

Other residential programs include a room and board option while receiving treatment services. These treatment programs include: 

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