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The Lodge Program at the
Dan Anderson Renewal Center

Custom-designed to meet your recovery needs

Lodge Experience at the Dan Anderson Renewal Center

Where are you in your program of recovery? And where do you want to go?

Whether you are getting sober—for the first time or anew—or you have been living sober for months or years, the Lodge Program immerses you in the Twelve Step design for living that can inform and transform every aspect of your life.

Based on your personal recovery journey and current life situation, Renewal Center staff will work with you to determine 12 Step topics and activities of special interest or significance.

Getting Sober

Group sessions on specific, relevant Steps are a popular choice among Lodge Program participants who are new to recovery. Other particularly useful and valuable "Getting Sober" Lodge Program topics include grief and recovery, the problem/solution of addiction, and relief from the bondage of self.

"My meetings at home are great, but what I've experienced at the Lodge Program . . . what I've learned, heard, and felt . . . I could never get anywhere else. The spirituality and sense of peace around here is contagious."

Living Sober

Lodge Program participants who have years of recovery come to tune up spiritually, do inventory step work, focus on issues of sponsorship, and recommit to their program of action. Other particularly useful and valuable "Living Sober" Lodge Program topics include meditation, challenges in long-term sobriety, and the source of our spiritual malady.

"At 21 years in a Twelve Step program, I found myself in pain beyond my understanding. Now I know I'm facing issues related to sober suffering and emotional imbalance. The Lodge Program helped me identify the problem and solution--and a plan of action for further recovery."

We look forward to working with you to design your personal Lodge Experience--and to revisit the cornerstone principles and practices that strengthen recovery.

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My Experience

  • "I came to the Renewal Center after four years of sobriety. Through meditation, fellowship, and just being, I began my real journey of recovery that continues all these years later."
    –A recent Lodge Program participant

    "Before my time here I looked at everything as cut-and-dried--all or nothing. I'm realizing there's so much in-between that I've been missing."
    –A recent Lodge Program participant

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