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The Lodge Program at the
Dan Anderson Renewal Center

Be Transformed. Again.

At The Lodge Program, we provide the resources and services you need to thrive--at any stage of life and in any phase of your recovery.

Lodge Experience at the Dan Anderson Renewal Center

Building on our core programming, you set the schedule for your day--whether it includes attending lectures; talking with experienced recovery teachers; participating in yoga, meditation or other wellness activities; or just taking time to relax and reflect. The Lodge Program addresses such topics as emotional sobriety, grief and recovery, meditation practices, reacting to the present as though it's the past, and releasing resentments. Whether you are doing well, sensing something is missing, or simply seeking to recommit to your path, you will find the inspiration you need through The Lodge Program.


Give yourself the gift of time away.

In the midst of hectic schedules and daily stress, The Lodge Program at the Dan Anderson Renewal Center in Center City, Minnesota, offers you a time to renew, reconnect, and regain balance in your life. Our core foundational programming provides the time and space you need to discover next steps in your personal recovery journey.

Tailored to meet your needs.

Over the past 13 years, The Lodge Program has established itself as a unique resource for people in recovery. With an open, holistic approach, our focus is on aligning with you--to listen to your needs in achieving your goals. Situated on 500 acres of secluded woodland in the heart of Minnesota lake country, The Lodge Program offers you time to reflect, refresh and recommit to your recovery. As part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation campus in Center City, Minnesota, we can offer you access to miles of nature trails, a fully equipped fitness facility with an indoor running track and swimming pool, and a recovery book and gift shop.

Applying proven principles.

Within our welcoming, safe environment, guests are immersed in a sequence of Twelve Step principles and practices with presenters who teach from their own life experiences as well as build on various wisdom traditions and texts. And our experienced staff meets you right where you are in your own personal recovery.


"Being able to come here for a 'tune up' for an indeterminate stay--a few days or more than a week-- because The Lodge Program runs continually, has absolutely been a godsend for me. I have been coming back for nearly 10 years, sometimes several times in a year, sometimes up to a couple years between visits. The Dan Anderson Renewal Center has absolutely been a place for me to build and repair my unshakable foundation for recovery. Not only can I count on the security and comfort of this beautiful facility but the dependable consistency and longevity of the presenters and staff and their always welcoming acceptance of me, regardless of my spiritual condition, builds and enriches my soul. I can't thank you enough."
- Guest, The Lodge Program

"I learned how to stay alive in treatment (by not drinking), but I learned how to live at The Lodge. The additional tools I was provided in the 12 days I have been here have left me more confident and less fearful as I go back to my life outside of this spiritual sanctuary. Thank you for this wondrous gift."
- Guest, The Lodge Program

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