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Weekend Recovery Retreats at the
Dan Anderson Renewal Center

What's getting in the way of your serenity?

Renewal Center Weekend Recovery Retreats

Unresolved grief? Inability to forgive? Feelings of restlessness?

Our popular topic-specific Weekend Retreats focus on common issues faced in recovery—the need for spiritual fitness, emotional balance, healthy relationships, finding your way after loss, and meditation.

Presentations, peer discussions, and ample time for personal reflection and fellowship are all a part of our Weekend Retreat experience.

We invite you to look at our recovery retreats—and see what might be calling you. Whether you have two months or 20 years of sobriety, you will find inspiration, support, and guidance for your recovery journey.

Explore our weekend retreat listings online or call today to learn more, 800-262-4882.

Where are you in your program of recovery?

We're ready to help you map out your path.

Sample retreat schedule


My Experience

  • "My experience here was life changing. I learned to see and hear and feel again."
    –A recent retreat participant

    "The Higher Power will speak to you here--in the walks, in the trees, in the people. Listen and be helped and healed."
    –A recent retreat participant

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