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Earl Hipp
Earl has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, a Master's Degree in Applied Psycho-physiology, and a background as a clinical psychotherapist. Earl has written seven books about and for adolescents, which together have sold more than a quarter of a million copies. His books are on themes such as coping with the stresses in kid's lives, moving through grief and loss, and how adults can offer support groups for teens. Earl's latest book, Man-Making - Men Helping Boys on Their Journey to Manhood, is written for men, and of interest to anyone interested in calling men into service to young males.

As a professional speaker, Earl has spent the last 18 years delivering educational and motivational programs on the topics of his books and business themes to a wide variety of audiences, including corporations, associations, teachers, parents, and youth-serving professionals. Today he is using these motivational skills with conference audiences, at community meetings, and in organizational training.


Help for the Hard Times
Getting Through Loss
Softcover, 140 pp.

Feed Your Head
Some Excellent Stuff on Being Yourself
Softcover, 150 pp.